Hyper Light UVC

  • Advanced disinfection robot 

  • Ecofriendly

  • Prevents cross contamination

  • 99.99% Effective

"The Hyper Light Disinfection Robot is a specially designed robot made to prevent Healthcare-

Associated Infection (HAI) for any healthcare facilities by means of UVGI disinfection method.

The germicidal UV (254nm UVC) is capable of killing and inactivating microorganisms by destroying

nucleic acids and disrupting DNA or RNA, leaving them unable to replicate and repair."

"The system consists of 6 amalgam UV lamps and patented rotational reflector technology to

effectively distribute UV-C output to the surroundings to inactivate and kill microorganisms.

The technology provides an easy, fast, environmentally-safe and low maintenance operation for the

operator throughout the lifetime of the product."

Text / images credits: www.mediland.com.tw