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UVC Disinfectant Robot

99.99% Effective

Walk again, more powerful than before

FREE Walk is designed for people with lower limbs weakness.
Users are able to put on and take off the device independently.
FREE Walk assist users to walk again, with stronger posture.



Viktas Aeternum is a newly founded company under

PCS Group Holding PLC.


PCSGH is a multinational company investing in various

manufacturing and service sectors around the world.

With global foot print presence in North America,

 Europe, and Asia,  PCSGH provides products and services

in various industrial segments range from power and

energy, automotive, finance, real estate, engineering,

and newly start up - in healthcare sector.


PCSGH financial record is solid,  virtually no debt, with

strong in depth knowledge management team. 


Viktas Aeternum, a new organization founded

under PCSGH umbrella, will carry similar business

 principles with fully independent management team

and back up by PCSGH’s financial and expertise to ensure

Viktas Aeternum ‘s stable growth in healthcare

sector for years to come.

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